New Release: Satori

New Release: Satori

Available at CDBABY , Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Ric Troll (Keyboards, Guitar, & Percussion)

Chris Lawrence (Trumpet & Flugelhorn)

B.J. Cole (Pedal Steel Guitar)

Steve Talaga (Piano)

Tallmadge Mill is excited to announce the release of Satori by Ric Troll.

[1] Samidare is a tone poem inspired by a morning rain on the Kumano Kodo Trail

[2] Kanagawa is directly inspired by the ‘Great Wave’, a well-known woodblock print by Hokusai, but it also honors the entire Japanese tradition of woodblock printed art which balances great sensitivity with vivid imagery and intensity.

[3] Prospect Park is a homage to the Brooklyn Park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who also helped design Manhattan’s Central Park. This tune features B.J. Cole’s wonderful pedal steel guitar.

[4] The Juggler is a tip of the hat to jugglers everywhere, and to anyone that has more than one plate spinning at a time

[5] The Mountain Waltz is an ode to Appalachia – its beauty and culture

[6] Kyoto is a musical impression of that magical city, its people, and its balance of tradition and modernity 

[7] Cloudwalker is a science-fiction romp with multiple, highly processed trumpet tracks skating over a dense landscape of layered drums, guitars, and synthesizers.  Thanks, Miles.

[8] The Other Folk is inspired by the magical ‘other folks’ we share the world with according to Celtic traditions

[9] Adios is another tune featuring B.J. Cole on pedal steel guitar.  

Base Five Rudiments

From the practice room this week:

Below are variations of the five, seven, and nine stroke rolls and double drag tap using a ‘base five’ structure. Base Five? Meaning only that they are presented in 5/8 time, but they will be more useful when applied as quintuplets or as five note groupings within duple or triplet structures. They can also be orchestrated around the drumset to add melodic richness.