New Release: Satori

New Release: Satori

Available at CDBABY , Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Ric Troll (Keyboards, Guitar, & Percussion)

Chris Lawrence (Trumpet & Flugelhorn)

B.J. Cole (Pedal Steel Guitar)

Steve Talaga (Piano)

Tallmadge Mill is excited to announce the release of Satori by Ric Troll.

[1] Samidare is a tone poem inspired by a morning rain on the Kumano Kodo Trail

[2] Kanagawa is directly inspired by the ‘Great Wave’, a well-known woodblock print by Hokusai, but it also honors the entire Japanese tradition of woodblock printed art which balances great sensitivity with vivid imagery and intensity.

[3] Prospect Park is a homage to the Brooklyn Park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who also helped design Manhattan’s Central Park. This tune features B.J. Cole’s wonderful pedal steel guitar.

[4] The Juggler is a tip of the hat to jugglers everywhere, and to anyone that has more than one plate spinning at a time

[5] The Mountain Waltz is an ode to Appalachia – its beauty and culture

[6] Kyoto is a musical impression of that magical city, its people, and its balance of tradition and modernity 

[7] Cloudwalker is a science-fiction romp with multiple, highly processed trumpet tracks skating over a dense landscape of layered drums, guitars, and synthesizers.  Thanks, Miles.

[8] The Other Folk is inspired by the magical ‘other folks’ we share the world with according to Celtic traditions

[9] Adios is another tune featuring B.J. Cole on pedal steel guitar.